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Flash animation: A presentation of selective abstract paintings. Text: For me, abstract painting is a lot like engineering, which was second nature to me in my earlier work as computer designer. In my digital media, I attach traditional painting to cutting-edge digital technologies that I once helped develop. The taste for complex algorithms I once used to construct network architectures I now put into paintings that, like the computers before them, contain swirling energy within structures of ordered formality. Micro-circuitry was never this dramatic, but my piano comes close!  Whether painting in traditional oils or developing cutting-edge digital imagery, I use intricacy and finesse as a path to drama and sensation. As black-and-white directors that know that light much more than color has the essential role in film. Although I am at home with muted monochrome as I am with bright polychrome, I see to it that whether it glows or it sparkles, the painting stays luminous. My work is influenced by Arshile Gorky, Albert Oehlen, Ed Moses, Karl Kasten, Lee Krasner and other expressionistic painters. Techniques play out across the canvas like soloists in an orchestra. In some places my shapes are two-dimensional, set down hard and flat against the surface; in others, they evoke the third dimension, hovering in soft blurs over translucent depths.  Set against these floating shapes are the black arcs and columns that give my paintings their drama. The limber, sprinting brushstrokes set against the plush, luxurious shapes are an abstraction of the real-world contrast of sinew and flesh. This timeless polarity takes many forms: that of the hunter and the gatherer, the athlete and concubine, John the Baptist and the Buddha, Male and Female, Yin and Yang. I use lines and colors not only to create beauty, but to evoke drama. I am after, not only the intricacy of a tapestry, but the propulsion of a symphony.

Mood, evoked through light and color, is the true goal of my art; figures and abstraction are only points of departure. I have drawn inspiration from the clear, cool musicality of Hans Hofmann's art, in which clean panes of color, set side by side, ring out like bells. Elmer Bischoff's creamy brushstrokes and lush coloration, on the other hand, would set me to drowsing, like heady incense. Those artists and others like them, mostly Bay Area Expressionists, have showed me that I paint above all to evoke feeling.My paintings orchestrate shapes along directional axes to create drama. Sometimes, influenced by Hans Hoffman and Karl Kasten I paint two-dimensionally, embedding flat shapes with hard outlines in the surface of the canvas. Other times, influenced by Arshile Gorky, Ed Moses and Albert Oehlen I plunge into the third dimension, using glazes and scumbling to render shapes with soft fuzzy edges that float in translucent depths.  The content of lean, sprinting brushstrokes set against plush, luxurious shapes is an abstraction of the real-world contrast of sinew with flesh. This basic polarity reveals itself in many forms: that of the athlete and the concubine, John the Baptist vs. Buddha, Male and Female, Yin and Yang.  I wish to use lines, colors and forms to evoke feeling and compel drama. I want my paintings to have the propulsion and intricacy of a symphony or novel>

Abstractions A Flash presentation of Arpi Djenguerian's abstract paintings.
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